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Offplan property development in Mallorca
If you are looking for investment opportunities then buying offplan houses can be worthwhile but most people are looking for offplan villas or apartments for sale as holiday homes or places to retire to.
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With the Gordon Brown high tax regime in England, where you can't move without being taxed or go into London with some congestion charge, use a road without your movements being tracked and, in due course taxed, and the obssessive health-and-safety regime in which you're not allowed to change a lightbulb unless you have a piece of paper certifying that you are qualified to change a lightbulb, English people are wanting to leave England, possibly for good.
Offplan housing development in Majorca
Mallorca provides an excellent all the year around climate, a sustainable economy, good local food, wonderful and varied scenery, good education and a benign tax regime offering in particular a much better inheritance tax situation. So retiring here can benefit your children in the end, as well as providing an enjoyable place for them to come and stay on holiday.

Seeing the countryside being overtaken by houses is on the one hand, a traversty, but it is clear that the planning system in Mallorca is working well

and that the authorities are exercising good judgement about what to build and where . . . so Mallorca appears to be a good place to buy.

It's a good idea to look for developers who pay attention to greenery and landscaping, as this so much influences the character of the house that you will eventually come to enjoy.
An off-plan property can provide a foot on the property ladder, but good local knowledge is important.

Buying offplan properties can be a bargain . . .

An individual developer's sales pitch can sell you the dream you want to buy

and these properties built by an English developer looked wonderful off-plan

but when the English retirees moved there and saw them for the first time

they realised that they hated them and could not live there . . . with traffic roaring past. Other developments look like Streatham-on-Sea

and worse

In an area where new development has been designated it's a good idea to sound out an independant local agent. He'll tell you about the merits of different developers, their track record, such as this one

where the English developer could not finish the project and it has had to be taken over and finished by an efficient mainland Spanish company as part of a larger scheme, and how some big names that you see everywhere and associate with real-estate are building on land-fill, which will sink, or have built off-plan too near the sewage works and stink.

The best developers put in their infrastructure first, before building a house:
infrastructure for off-plan property development Mallorca
with even their communual leisure centre in early course after this. You might like to email who knows about them.

Off-plan villas, apartments and houses for sale in Mallorca

 Spain Semi-detached house for sale Cala D'Or center and marina  Spain semidetached house For Sale Cala Murada - between Cala D'Or and Porto Christo  Spain House For Sale Cala Murada - between Cala D'Or and Porto Christo
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