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Cala D'Or

The history of Cala D'Or
What is called Cala D'Or on the Spanish isle can be translated into 'the golden bay' in English, over the years this name has been derived from the original name Cala d'Shorta. It is a pleasant village at the (south)east coast of Mallorca which surely is one of the high-class places on the island.
Within the original planning for the 'old' Cala D'Or by the architect Pep Costa, the philosophy was to plan a village in the style of Ibiza. Today this idea has still got its precipitation in the current regulation of buildings. All buildings in Cala D'Or follow the Ibiza style and therefore white-painted houses in the Ibiza style are dominating the image of the village, whereas it is in vain to look for the high hotel buildings found in other villages or cities here.

The marina
The Marina screen end bay is called Cala Llonga and has always been protected due to its special natural situation in form of a bay within its internal area, it is protected against all violent hoists. Thus a far and long well-known port of refuge.
The building of the fortress in the seventeenth century once still increased the meaning of the port for shipping, due to the developed protection.
In 1992, the old harbour basin was substantially extended by the dredging in the rear range to today's size. During the dredging of today's harbour basin, plentiful pieces were found from the past, which 'tell' us about old times.
Today, the Marina of Cala D'Or is one of the best sport ports of Spain with high touristic value and generous couch places. The fastidious customer today will find all necessary services approximately around his hobby. Also a perennation is possible due to the place and the situation.
Additionally, the private external Yacht Club Cala d'Or. has been existing since 2005.
It is a private club - which means that it is exclusively for its members. Nevertheless the restaurant is open to the public. From the carefully selected situation of the club on a small hill, which borders directly to the Marina, the members observe the driving in the lively port and enjoy the atmosphere of a withdrawn, cultivated and elegant place.

Beaches of Cala D'Or
The entire resort is coined/shaped not by a long sand beach, but by a number of smaller bath bays. These both lay directly in the centre of Cala D'Or, and also in the direct surrounding field. Each one has its own expression and invites for recovery and relaxing.
All beaches of the resorts are sand beaches with usually highly transparent water and usually all are protected by the rock coast.
During the time from April to October, at all beaches, there are sun loungers and sunshades for rent. Each beach also has its own (smaller or larger) beach bar. During the high season, the beach guests are also always supplied by a 'travelling' fruit dealer with fresh fruits.

Sport in the resort
The resort naturally offers an outstanding district for water sports with its beaches. At each beach, one can find the usual rentals for all possible vehicles for water (pedal boats). Highly transparent water and protecting rock coasts offer - in addition - best conditions for sportily active holidays - with regard to sailing and diving.
In autumn, winter and spring, the Cala D'Or is a popular training district for cyclists, tennis players and golfers.

Meals, Drinks and Shopping
The Cala D Or does have a very good infrastructure with galleries and shops of mode, sports articles and decoration which is inviting for shopping. The beautiful pedestrian precinct in the centre accommodates many bars and restaurants. Something participates for anyone of any taste out of the typical mallorquin kitchen up to the international dishes.
The beautiful private yachting port of Cala D'Or always invites to a walk along the yachts and invites to dream a little bit. Beside the yachting port of Palma, the yachting port of Cala D'Or is surely and clearly one of the most attractive ones on the island. In front of its luxury yachts, you can dine also well. Here one finds peace and cosiness in elevated restaurants and small Tapas bars.

Public transportation
A 'touristic train' will drive around the entire resort on several lines during the high season (May until October), with which one can drive easily from an end to the other of the island or even up to the beach of the Cala Mondrago. Sufficiently stopping points also permit to get on the train after an extensive walk. The current alignment as well as the timetables you are available in many shops and restaurants.
The public local passenger traffic is not necessarily comparable to the passenger traffic you are accustomed to at home.
In the line listing external tib you can get information about the usual connections. Additionally, the company 'aumasa' serves the eastern part of the island with bus traffic. With regard to all bus connections, you should, however and, in any case take sufficient time into account, since the timetables are not always kept.

Summary information
Cala D'Or
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